About Us

ELUXE is an acronym which stands for Eri’s Luxury Essentials.
ELUXE ESSENTIALS is exactly that! I'm bringing you the luxuries I feel are essentials. Of course at the moment I have circumscribed to jewelry but in the future there will be no limitations.
Whatever I feel is an essential luxury I will hope to provide it.
My collection of jewelry consists of a variety of custom necklaces, bracelets , rings, earrings, anklets. The quality is amazing! I have PVD plated 18k and 14k gold. With a variety of options like CZ Diamonds, Swarovski crystals and VVS upon request for certain items.
My goal with this line was to bring Quality luxury pieces but in an affordable way!

What inspired you to start this line and what does it mean to you?
Well, my inspiration stems from so much.
I've always been unique and innovative in every sense of those words. That's who I am without effort. When I was younger my family used to get a kick out of how creative I was with my clothes and the way I dressed, the way I did my hair and how often I would change my outfits. I used to be so creative with my accessories. It was how I expressed myself. It's how I set myself apart from everyone else.
I live to accessorize! That's the fun part about getting dressed and knowing there's no wrong or right way to do it. It's a form of expression. Accessories and jewelry is what brings that “IT-Factor'' to your style!
You see these public figures and their jewelry collection is insane! It represents something, whatever it's a way they express themselves and it's the empowerment they feel when they have it on.
 I wanted to bring affordable jewelry with that luxurious feel that makes you feel like royalty.
But heavy on the quality, durability, and sentimentality.